Workshop Resources

Every year IATD coordinates or assists in the development of various workshops throughout the state.  When possible the handouts and presentations are made available.


    IATD Spring Workshop 2019

    IATD Fall Conference 2018

    IATD Spring Conference 2018

    IATD Fall Conference 2017

    IATD Spring Workshop 2017

    IATD Fall Conference 2016

    IATD Spring Conference 2016

    IATD Fall Conference 2015

    Spring Workshop 2015

    IATD Fall Conference 2014

    IATD Spring Conference 2014

    IATD Winter Workshop 2013

    IATD Fall Conference 2013

    IATD Spring Conference 2013

    NCLB Conference 2011


    IATD is committed to providing Title I Directors access to a variety of different resources to help navigate through the complexity of Title I rules and regulations. On the accompanying pages, you will find a list of sample resources, handouts from various Title I workshops and links to be helpful ISBE resources. If you would like to share any resources that you have found helpful, please email them to webmaster.